Reasons of Hair Loss
Baldness is liked by none and most of the people have perception as it is hard to get over from it. Though you are thinking right. There are many reasons for hair loss and many of the people may see loads of hair on their pillow or in their hair brush and they start to panic.

Sometimes there's nothing to nothing because your hair fall can be temporary. Androgenic alopcia which is commonly known as pattern baldness can occur at various stages and this is most common form of hair loss. So you must have an understanding to know the matter well. Just to find out whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent we need to have a look on reasons behind it. It will give a better indication.

One of the biggest reasons for temporary hair loss is stress. Stress is envious. Extreme and constant bombardment of physical and mental stress can push some of the hair strands in the growing phase prematurely into the resting phase. Eventually these hair strands will begin to shed. So if you are dealing with any stress better then obviously try and reduce the stress. You can also have some vitamins which helps the body to handle stress.

Poor diet can be another reason for the temporary hair loss. Healthy diet is really important for all the cells of your body and this obviously includes your hairs. If your meal is high in junk then you are not providing your body sufficient nutrients and a knock on the effect can be you will lose your hairs. Add maximum of biotin, iron, vitamins and magnesium to your diet to make your strong healthy.
Consumption of so much of vitamin A cause hair fall. Thatís why it is advised to consult doctor before starting taking any supplements. These supplements should be taken in limited amount. Overdose can harm.

Every part of our body needs proper care and our hairs too. But care should be correct and healthy. If hairs are excessively cared this is also bad for the growth. As excess of brushing, braids, ponytails pull out your hairs. Furthermore using so many chemicals as shampoos and dyes may result in hair loss. So be careful.

Some medicines may have adverse effect on you. People suffering from arthritis thyroid deregulation and blood pressure may suffer from hair loss. But doctors to be consulted to get rid of your hair loss problem.
If you have gone through any major surgery it drains you both mentally and physically. You may have hair loss during medication period after surgery. But as you start recovering you may stop losing your hairs.

So far we have covered all the major reasons of temporary hair loss now the question is what the reasons of permanent hair loss are. For women it could be down to hormones especially if they have gone through the menopause but the most likely reason is that you have pattern baldness. This is when you inherit your gene that makes your scalp receptive to DTH which is naturally produced chemical in your body. You may have medication but some people have complaints as it has adverse effect on the, the permanent solution to this problem is hair transplant.
Posted on :- Thursday September 11, 2014