How to get healthy hair in winter season?
Women never miss a chance to flaunt with their beauty. But does your hair create hindrance in winter to do so? I have tips for you to get healthy hair in winters. Of course with right kind of care, your hair can survive and bloom in winter. A few simple measures can go a long way in ensuring hairís health throughout winters and even beyond.

Winters are always cruel to your hair. It leaves your hair dry, unruly and weak. And to compound the misery lot of people overindulge on styling products in an attempt to counter the effects of cold weather which results in damage of their hair.

So letís go over some facts which will help you to get a head with healthy hair.

1.) Use Cold Water Only
I know it seems wickedly ominous in the peak of winter, but no matter how low temperature is, always wash your hair with cold water.
Because hot water can strip all oil out of your hair, not to mention deteriorate the roots and cause lasting damage to the strands. On the other part, Cold water arrest the moisture in your hair and at the same time, provides generous shine. It can somewhat cause shiver for dome seconds, but washing your hair with cold water is the number one tip for winter hair care.

2.) Cover Your Hair Well
wearing hat in winters is so common. However, wearing a hat attempts your sebaceous glands (the glands beneath the scalp that secrete oil) to work overtime, resulting in greasy, unruly hair - anybody who has worn a hat for an extended period of time outside will be a witness to this. Further, many people avoid washing their head gear, which further increases the 'dirt quotient' of your hair.

Although wearing a hat is obvious, but you can reduce the damage to your hair somewhat by washing your hat frequently. A well fitted will also be better than an ill fitting one, so try to buy headgear that fits comfortably.

3.) Beautiful hair from the outside
Pamper your hair. If you have been following a healthy diet, getting lots of rest and exercise then you are on the way. Just be sure to be aware of some pointers so that you don't reverse all the good that you've started.

Minimize the use of hot curlers, straightening combs, curling irons, crimping irons and flat irons. The damage they do is horrendous: split ends and breakage, just to name two. Also, limit the use of chemicals in the hair.

These are very drying, as the ph of the hair is altered. Natural oils are always best; almond oil and olive oil are two just to name a few. They strengthen the hair with antioxidants as well as vitamins. Be careful with shampoos that have sodium laurate as these can be drying to the hair.

Finally, massage the scalp at least 30 seconds daily to stimulate the circulation which will aid blood and nutrient supply to the scalp. By following these practical tips, your hair should survive the harsh winter cold.

Posted on :- Wednesday October 01, 2014