There are many people who are suffering from an annoying disease called baldness, which is depriving them to use all the hair products. Today baldness is common problem not only among men but in women also. Alopecia is the term used generally used for the male baldness. A patient of alopecia suffers hair loss not only from head but from whole body. It is the most common problem among men. Male pattern baldness is characterized by hair receding from the lateral sides of the forehead which are known as temples. Hair loss has many possible causes, such as systemic diseases, infections, toxic agents, and hormone imbalances. Pattern hair loss is related to hormones called androgen. There is pattern hair loss is related to hormones called androgens which is specifically known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It plays a big role in male pattern baldness as it reduces the life span of hair on scalp and hence it leads to the hair fall. It has been recommended to males to take care of their hair and scalp through treatments to avoid hair fall if they are suffering from baldness. Dermatologists are of the view that males should take a right step at right time if their scalp is suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss among women has also become a problem during their middle age and old age. The most common type of hair loss seen in women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern alopecia or baldness and alopecia areata. Although baldness is not as common in women as in men, the psychological effects of hair loss tend to be much greater. Losing 100 -150 hairs in a day is considered as normal among women. Typically the frontal hairline is preserved but the density of hair is decreased on all areas of the scalp. Previously it was believed to be caused by testosterone just as in male baldness, but most women who lose hair have normal testosterone levels. It has been seen among women that in taking of contraceptive pills, cancer treatments, chemotherapy, medications during pregnancy, thyroid treatments may cause hair fall. Many dermatologists suggest that a women should condition and shampoo her hair on regular basis to keep the texture and roots of hair in scalp strong enough.

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Posted on :- Tuesday August 28, 2012