Extra Hair Care Needs in Summer
Not only your skin but yours hairs too need extra care in the summer. Scorching heat not only make your tresses look dull, greasy but also make them vulnerable to fall. Like skin hairs too need special care and attention. Before we proceed further let us have a look on the various of the hair problem:

Cause of Hair problem in summer:

•Summer season is usually accompanied by the hair loss, greasy, dry and flaky scalp. There are subsequent changes in the texture of the hair and all these attributed to the hair growth hormones. In summers the production of the hormones which regulate the hair’s growth increases and owing to this increase in the hormone production, one succumbs to the various hair related problems especially hair loss. However in most of the cases, hormone activity returns to normal routine within few weeks. The extent of the hair problem also depends upon the condition of the tresses. If they are already shedding then this problem of hair loss become more frequents in the summer.

•Another reason for hair loss is dehydration, since in summer body releases more water making hair dry and vulnerable to hair fall. As much as possible drink lots of water and add green leafy vegetables to your diet.

Preventive measures:

•To avoid hair problems in summers it’s suggested to adopt a better life style as far as possible avoid stress eat healthy food having vitamins, minerals and proteins.

•Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. It not only prevent dehydration but also keep the moisture of the hair intact.

•To avoid flakes wash your hair on regular bases with mild anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner depending upon the type of your hairs. Only choose the best hair care product with mild ph balance.

•Avoid artificial coloring agents, chemicals and other styling products on hairs directly.

•Don’t brush and blow dry your hair too much as its can make your sebaceous or oil gland more active and general more oil making scalp greasy.

•Apply natural hair care products on the hair rather than chemical based products.

•Above all adopt healthy life style, avoid stress, do medication and include vegetables and juices in your diet.

Despite these preventive even still you are facing hair problems then consult your doctor because it may be also be symptoms of alopecia and get best hair care treatment.

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Posted on :- Friday September 13, 2013