Winter means extra care of hairs
Here comes the winter and with it, lots of the hair problems which can disturb your daily routine. You may find it difficult to manage your tresses and problems from split ends; static to hair fall might give you sleepless nights. But there is no need to worry as a little extra care and precaution can help your tresses to look healthy, smooth and silky in this winter. When we talk about the hair care in the winter, first of all, it is very important to know the type of hair it may be oily, dry normal or combination of all. Chose your shampoo and conditioner depending upon the type of the hair you have. One thing that one must keep in the mind during the selection of the shampoo is the PH level. Since in winters, air is usually dry and has less humidity, so it is better to avoid washing of the hairs daily as it may lead to the depletion of natural hair oil. Donít forget conditioning after you rinse your hairs as it not only facilitate retaining of the moisture but also reduce hair static. As far as concern, switch to natural product instead of products having lot of chemical ingredients. In the long run, excessive use of chemicals has detrimental impact on the hairs and it can reduce the shelf life of the hair. Limit the use of hair dryer in the winter as far as possible use towel to dry your hair and use natural sun light. Over use of the hair dryer in winters can make hair look drier and in turn, cause static. To resist static use hair spray on the brushes and it is better to avoid combs made of plastic instead you can have wooden comb and brushes.

It is noted that in winter dandruff become more prominent and combating it is not less than a challenge. Use good anti dandruff shampoo available in the market. Apart from this, use of oil on regular basis can avert dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Along this, always make sure that whenever you step outside; cover your hairs with scarf, cap or anything else.
Posted on :- Tuesday December 11, 2012