Best hair nutritional supplement


Dosage And Administration :-

One Veg Capsule of Majitrich for 6 to 12 months after food or as directed by the Dermatologist.
For faster Action : Majitrich can be orally combined with topical Minoxidil (For further details please Consult Dermatologist)

Pregnancy And Lactation: Consult Dermatologist (since Majitrich can alter hormonal activity that could have an adverse effect on Fetus).
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  Research detects early symptom for Parkinson's  
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  I am Kritika Sharma, a 20 year regular college going girl who is more concerned about her personality than her studies. And truly speaking by using harsh colouring agents, gels and hair straightening ....  
  Thanks Majitrich!!! Better I felicitate my thanks to whole Majitrich team, who have created such a wonderful hair loss preventing Product. I really got stressed out when ten month back i first noticed....